Types of Tubal Ligations and Reversal Surgery {Part 1}

Friday, 31 May 2013

Types of Tubal Ligations and Reversal Surgery {Part 1}

A tubal ligation procedure is a permanent method of birth control where the surgeon cuts or seals off the fallopian tubes in order to prevent pregnancy. During sexual intercourse sperms from the male are introduced into the vagina. They travel through a channel called cervix and into the uterus. The sperms then move into the fallopian tubes where they can meet and fertilized eggs that have been released from the ovary and pregnancy begins with the fertilized eggs.

If you don’t want to become pregnant you may chose the birth control method from one of several categories “Abstinence”, “Contraception”, or “Sterilization” to permanently avoid pregnancy. Tubal ligation surgery is one form of sterilization. During sterilization process surgeon use the three most common types of tubal ligation methods such as Filshie Clip, Falope Rings and Pomeroy Technique.

 1: Filshie Clip: Filshie clip is a proprietary device used in sterilization procedures. These are small clips that clipped onto the fallopian tubes to avoid pregnancy. These clips compressed the tissues and restrict blood supply to the tissue and result is tubes blockage which prevents from pregnancy.

2: Falope Rings: Fallopian rings are also known as a Yoon ring, or Lay loops. These are small rubber bands that close off the fallopian tubes. These rings restrict blood supply to the tissue that is compressed, the results is egg cannot fall into the uterus to be inseminated by sperm.

3: Pomeroy Technique: In a Pomeroy tubal ligation, the surgeon makes an incision to access the fallopian tube. This procedure is similar to falope rings but the difference is surgeon create a loop in the oviducts and tying it off. After tying tubes surgeon cuts ties oviducts tubes and disconnected segments are closed with stitches. After this procedure eggs cannot travel down the severed fallopian tube, and thus the woman cannot get pregnant.

Tubal Reversal Surgery

Annually more than 600,000 women tied their tubes in order to prevent pregnancy but what happens when circumstances change and once again a woman decides to become pregnant? So in this case tubal ligation reversal surgery can help those women who have had a tubal ligation. Tubalreversal is a permanent and effective procedure that has a high success rate of pregnancy.

In this procedure a surgeon reconnects a woman's fallopian tubes so she can become pregnant. All the above mentioned tubal ligation procedure can be easily reversed by tubal ligation reversal surgery. However, There are various factors that can affect on the chances of a woman's pregnancy such as women age, type of ligation surgery, ovaries and uterus health, remaining fallopian tubes and especial tubes length.

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